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Basic UNIX Commands – Part 3

Save , quit and other “ex” commands These are  applicable when we open/edit a file.For these commands we need to prefix (:) and enter at the lower end left corner of the editor window. These commands are also called as “ex” commands because they are ex-text editor commands. :w    –>   Write the current file.… Read More »

Basic UNIX Commands – Part 2

Changing file permissions and attributes chmod 755 file    –>  Changes the permissions of file to be rwx for the owner, and rx for the group and the world. (7 = rwx = 111 binary. 5 = r-x = 101 binary) chgrp user file   –>   Makes file belong to the group user. chown cliff… Read More »

Basic UNIX Commands – Part 1

Directories: File and directory paths in UNIX use the forward slash “/” to separate directory names in a path. Examples: / –> “root” directory /usr –>  directory usr (sub-directory of / “root” directory) /usr/STRIM100  –> STRIM100 is a subdirectory of /usr Moving around the file system: pwd –>  Show the “present working directory”, or current… Read More »